Incorporation (Full Nominees & Bank)

Please note that all new incorporations include Apostilled company documents and courier service. Apostilled documents will usually include (as standard): Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association and Appointment of the First Director. We can apostille additional documents upon request for an extra cost. Incorporation (Full Nominees & Bank) 1st Year Incorporation Fee £395 […]


Seychelles Incorporation Benefits

The article looks at how far the Seychelles has progressed to become one of the leading offshore jurisdictions. Favourably and strategically situated in the Indian Ocean, enjoying political stability and having the right legal and administrative frameworks in place, nowadays the Seychelles is becoming one of the most attractive offshore jurisdictions. It is highly recommended […]


Company Incorporation in Seychelles

The type of company used for international trade and investment is the International Business Company (IBC). The principal corporate legislation is the International Business Companies Act of 1994. This provides a comprehensive regime for the incorporation, regulation, operation, and taxation of IBCs. It is an extremely flexible piece of legislation and provides for a minimum […]